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12th Avenue Green Street

The 12th Avenue Green Street project disconnects street stormwater runoff from a storm sewer that drains directly into the Willamette River and manages it on-site using a landscape approach. Stormwater runoff from SW 12th flows downhill along the existing curb until it reaches the first of four stormwater planters.  A 12-inch curb cut channels the street runoff into the first stormwater planter. Once inside the planter, the water is allowed to collect until it reaches a depth of six inches. The landscape system within each planter allows the water to infiltrate in the soil at a rate of four inches per hour. If a rain event is intense enough, water will exit through the planter’s second curb cut, flow back out into the street and eventually enter the next downstream stormwater planter.

The SW 12th Avenue Green Street Project has received a national award of honor from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Bureau of Environmental Services green street specialist Kevin Robert Perry designed the innovative street stormwater project.

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  • 12th Avenue Green Street
  • People: Kevin Robert Perry, ASLA
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Client: Cith of Portland Oregon
  • Last Updated: Feb 22 2007

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