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The Dell

The Dell is a stream corridor for the headwaters of a major regional watershed. Many sections of stream in the watershed have been piped to accommodate development, destroying the biological integrity of the stream system. In collaboration with Biohabitats, Nelson Byrd Woltz restored 1,200 linear feet of piped stream in The Dell to a natural condition. This daylighted stream then cascades into a precisely calibrated stormwater pond — one whose geometries reflect both the order of the University grid and the meander of the piedmont stream hydrology. The indigenous planting plan illustrates the spectrum of plant zones found in Virginia: the coastal plain represented in the area around the stormwater basin; the piedmont represented in the intermediate stream zone; and the upland Blue Ridge represented in the upper reaches of the restored stream. (from Nelson Byrd Woltz web site)

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  • The Dell
  • People: Nelson Byrd Woltz
  • Location: Charlottesville, VA
  • Client: University of Virginia
  • Completed: Jan 2 2007

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