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The City of Maplewood, Minnesota, working with designer Joan I. Nassauer, Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan, created lovely formal homeowner rain gardens that set a new standard for attractiveness. This 1996 project took the rain garden movement even farther by making a rain garden, and stormwater management, part of an accepted formal landscape element for residences. Joan Nassaur's professional skills, and interests in both landscape design and in watershed planning, resulted in lovely garden designs that are very well accepted in Maplewood. The project was funded in part by Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources.

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bioretention planting
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  • Maplewood
  • People: Joan Naussauer, Chris Cavett
  • Location: Maplewood, MN
  • Client: City of Maplewood
  • Completed: Jan 1 2007

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