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Expressive Design

about 10th @ Hoyt
by Dave on 2007-02-01 19:12:53

Rain falls on the impervious surfaces of developed land, and can be conveyed away from those surfaces in various ways.  It is one thing to divert the stormwater to underground pipes and concrete vaults, disposing of the water as an unwanted waste product—out of sight, out of mind, it is eventually discharged into a water body with high probability of degrading the quality of that new water host.  It is another thing to address stormwater in environmentally responsible ways, through best management practices that pay cautious attention to rate, volume, frequency, duration, and quality of discharge so as to ensure the ecological health of the stormwater destination.  And it is another thing again to employ environmental treatments in expressive designs that call attention to the use and management of stormwater in ways that educate and delight those who visit.


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