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One of the first questions we are always asked at presentations is: “Where can we go online to see and learn more about artful rainwater design examples?”  We have therefore developed this internet portal to provide a collection of case studies demonstrating the relation of stormwater utility and amenity design. This portal allows designers and students to review case studies of artful rainwater designs from across the nation.  The portal will also allow viewers to upload additional projects, view high resolution project photos, participate in a web blog on artful rainwater design, read articles, review student designs, download presentations and communicate with other designers.

Stuart Echols is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Penn State.  He  

holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Masters in Land Development from Texas A&M; University, as well as a Master of Landscape Architecture and a Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Tech. He is a registered landscape architect and has practiced in Texas, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Stuart was an instructor at Virginia Tech and an Assistant Professor of Resource Management at West Virginia University before coming to Penn State.  He has taught courses in stormwater management, urban design, land development, environmental site construction methods, design research methods, land-use assessment and design implementation.  Stuart currently studies land-based hydrological processes of evapo-transpiration, infiltration and stream flow in order to design new systems for urban development that replicate natural runoff rates, volumes, duration, frequency and quality.  His research accomplishments focus on developing, implementing and evaluating better strategies for managing urban runoff as a natural resource.

Eliza Pennypacker
has been a faculty member in Penn State’s Department of Landscape Architecture since 1982.  Professor Pennypacker’s creative work has included the winning entry to the national design competition for a Korean War Veterans’ Memorial in Washington, D.C. (in collaboration Veronica Burns Lucas, landscape architecture, John Lucas and Don Leon, architecture); design and curation of an award-winning, traveling interpretive exhibition and exhibition catalog titled Abstracting the Landscape: the Artistry of Landscape Architect A. E. Bye (in collaboration with Kristi Wormhoudt, art history); and design of an environmentally-responsible miniature golf course site plan that won a 2004 Georgia Chapter ASLA design award for its ecological sensitivity.

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